What To Buy

What to buy

If you were to start podcasting today here are the items to get you recording.

An absolute must, HEADPHONES make a world of difference. I prefer “cans” (the ones that cover your ears), but if you’re doing a video show, you might not find them appealing. Use your earbuds….wired earbuds. Wireless may die during your show or be delayed. (Check out the links for my top choices)

People overthink their MIC and the simple answer is this: USB mic’s are just as good for podcasting as XLR. If you’re doing a solo show, save some money and get that USB. If you’re a 2 or 3-person crew, buy the XLR and Audio Mixer.

Sound Equipment: you don’t need a whole studio. Have a walk-in closet? Record there! Want to record at your kitchen table? Invest in a Portable Sound Screen! Have the space to create an in-home studio? Purchase cheap sound foam and staple, glue or nail to your walls!

My Favourite Items

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