Podcasting needn’t be overwhelming or feel out of your reach. Anyone can do it with the right encourage and a bit of technical wizardry. Put your podcast in safe, experienced hands and you’ll unlock your inner speaker!

Hi, I’m Tosh Taylor! I have more than 14 years of experience working in the media industry and specialize in broadcasting, podcasting, and media production. I am proud to have the #1 Public Figure page in the Greater Moncton area and am on a mission to bring podcasting to the masses!

I love to take your stories, ideas, and brand and bring them to life through the medium of podcasts. More than 68% of the world listens to podcasts and they should be listening to yours! Podcasts are continuing to grow in popularity with every year and are a great way to add genuine value to your audience while improving the visibility of your brand.

With The Podcast Hub, I can help you decide if you are ready to podcast. When the time is right, I can help you launch from your home OR you can come into my studio!

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Getting the word out


One of the biggest barriers to recording a first podcast is the worry that no one will hear your work! I will not let that hold you back.

I’m here to help get information out about your product and will promote in on my social pages. I currently have in excess of 7,400 fans on Facebook and more than 1,200 on Instagram.


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  • A 15+ year career in radio, at 1 radio station!
  • Albert County Chamber of Commerce Arts & Culture Award 2019
  • Introducing countless bands and artists in front of thousands of people
  • Co-hosting the Pickle Planet Podcast with over 20k downloads
  • Creating podcasts for 20 incredible businesses (and counting!)
  • Broadcast Journalism Diploma from Loyalist College

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