It’s not always about the numbers

Hear me out, tons of spins on your podcast DOES feel wonderful but it’s not as important as you may think. 

Depending on your type of podcast it’s who’s listening that matters most. 


Some professions can truly benefit from building an audio library, for example: A Plastic Surgeon.

You can have a section on Rhinoplasty, the listener who is considering a nose job clicks on that item in your library and finds 5 episodes answering all of their questions about the surgery, aftercare etc. 

What if you work in Marketing? You have an audio library with sections on Social Media with episodes on FB, IG & Twitter. You could also have a section on Brand Recognition with episodes based on creating your brand, owning it and the list goes on and on. 

I am sure you see where I am going with this. Repurposing the content you have already created and putting it out on a different medium could help with retention to your programs. 

Sharing your story sells. 

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